Why Sail with Us

There are 3 great reasons to take your whale-watching adventure with us.

Exceptional Vessel

The Casie and Boys is a solid 50-foot Atkinson Cape Island Hull built in Clarks Harbour, N.S. From November to May, it’s a lobster boat, so you’ll be sailing the Bay of Fundy on a real, working boat!

Our floating dock makes it easier than usual to board/disembark. No ladders involved—just walk on/walk off. We’re able to accommodate most people with mobility issues.

The boat is equipped with:

  • a washroom
  • life jackets and lifeboats
  • covered areas in case of rain
  • a large screen so you can follow our GPS location along the way
  • safety approval from Transport Canada

Fans of Netflix’s The Sinner may recognize the Casie and Boys from series 4!

Matt and the Boat

We know where the whales go.

Captain Matthew has 13 years of experience on the water and knows his way around the bay. We’re easily able to find the whales and will always keep a safe, respectful distance so we don’t disturb them.

Don’t just look – learn!

Our knowledgeable captain and crew will keep you enthralled throughout your tour with fascinating facts about the Bay of Fundy—like why the tides are so high and powerful; why so many birds, fish, and other animals love these waters; what the rock formations are made of how those rocks are used, and more. There’s even the mystery of the Boars Head Lighthouse keeper’s family!

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