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Located in Digby County. You’ll find us in the small village of Tiverton, right at the north-east tip of Long Island, Nova Scotia. To get here, You’ll travel down Digby Neck take the Ferry across Petit Passage. The ferry is FREE, and runs 24-hours a day. Crossings from the mainland to Tiverton are on the half-hour (1:30, 2:30, etc.) and take 3 minutes.

On the very odd chance that the ferry is full when you get there, don’t panic! In overload situations, the ferry makes extra runs to get everyone across.

You’ll be able to see us from the ferry. Take a right just past the Just Above Water Café toward the Boars Head Lighthouse. We are the third driveway on the left. We ask that you arrive 1-hour before your sailing to give us time to check you in.

Our main industry is lobster fishing, which is what we do from November to May every year.

Having the Bay of Fundy as our backyard makes this a special place. These are the strongest tides in the world, and they bring with them herring and other nutrients that whales love to eat. That’s why you’ll see so many different types of whales here.

These are also the highest tides in the world, rising and falling sometimes as much as 25 to 30 feet.

We have other natural wonders, too, like Nova Scotia’s Balancing Rock – a large basalt column that appears to be balancing on its end. It’s one of the many reminders that our area was formed on a volcanic mountain range that juts up from the sea, exposing basalt rock. A hiking trail near our office will take you out to the balancing rock.

You may also enjoy a hike to the Boars Head Lighthouse. The original lighthouse on this site was built in 1864. The current lighthouse is now a heritage site.

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