Tour Tips

Getting ready to set sail with us? Here are a few useful tips to get you ready for your big adventure. And remember, sightings are common, but not guaranteed.


Dress in layers

The temperature will drop 5 to 10 degrees once we’re on the water so have a sweater or jacket handy.


Pack a snack

You’re bound to get hungry during a cruise, so bring something to eat as well as your coffee, tea, or water. Drop into Long Island Trading before boarding to stock up. You’ll have time to go between check-in and boarding if you arrive 1 hour before sailing as recommended.


Bring your binoculars

We get close, but will not disturb the whales, and you never know what you may want to look at on the horizon.


Captain’s discretion

If the captain decides the weather is not right for sailing, we don’t sail. Safety first. Fog is not usually a deterrent. Call ahead if you have questions.


Do you need help?

Our floating dock makes our vessel highly accessible for most people with mobility challenges. Tell us when you book if you have mobility issues.


Sailing weather

Fog is not a deterrent to finding or seeing the whales. Neither is light rain. However, the captain reserves the right to cancel a sailing if he feels the conditions are not safe. If that happens, you will be given the choice of a full refund or voucher to take the cruise at another time.

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whale jumping out of the water