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Adventure Bay Whale Watch Co. was founded by husband-and-wife duo Casie and Matt Melanson. Casie and Matt reside in Mink Cove on Digby Neck with their two sons Angus (7) and Calvin (10 mo.).

During the off-season Casie is the Principal of the local P-12 school on Long Island where she has taught since 2014. Matt spends his off-season using the ‘Casie and Boys’ to harvest lobster in lobster-fishing Area 34, which stretches around Southwest Nova Scotia.
Having always been advocates for local natural resources, paired with having summers off, it seemed like a natural fit to expand and offer eco-tourism that showcased beautiful Digby Neck and Islands.

Matt and Casie are some of the founding members of the St. Mary’s Bay Protectors, an activist group that has successfully fought off mega corporations like Cermaq owned by Mitsubishi from destroying our natural resources. They will always continue to advocate for their Bays and the locals who need them for survival.

They’ll keep you entertained along the way with thrilling scientific facts about these waters and the geology of our shores. Plus, they’ll share a few local legends – like the mystery of the Boars Head Lighthouse keeper’s family.

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